Reference Microelectrodes

Flow-through Microelectrodes
These microelectrodes can be used with any pH, ion-selective or redox electrode.  They are composed of an internal silver-silver chloride electrode with an internal filling solution of 3 M KCl saturated with AgCl.

  16-702 Dip-type Reference Microelectrodes

1/16" diameter flow path

  8-702 Dip-type Reference Microelectrodes

1/8" diameter flow path

Dip-type Reference Microelectrodes
The Dip-type Reference microelectrodes are designed for use with any pH or ion-selective electrodes. They utilize Ag-AgCl internal reference electrodes with 3M KCl filling solution.
They may be used for many weeks before refilling is required. Each microelectrode includes 2 reference barrels (inner with the MI-403) and a bottle of 3M KCl. 



MI-401    Micro-Reference Electrode with glass barrel


MI-401F Micro-Reference Electrode with glass barrel


  MI-402 Micro-Reference electrode with flexible barrel
  MI-403 Double junction Micro-Reference electrode




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