Custom Built Microelectrodes


-Each microelectrode is designed and assembled in our Bedford,  NH headquarters. Every listed product can be custom made and altered to meet consumer specifications.


Custom-built OEM microelectrodes

OEM  Original Equipment Manufacture
Original Equipment Manufacturer We develop, fabricate and supply microelectrodes to major Corporations and start-up companies that incorporate our microelectrodes into their line of products.

These are some of their applications:
     Blood gas systems:

           pH, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide microelectrodes

           Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide microelectrodes
           Sodium ion microelectrodes.

Special Design


Custom-built Special Design microelectrodes
One of our first special research microelectrodes was designed to monitor the change in pH on the surface of a photographic film during development in a camera. We were approached for this project because of our dominant expertise in the field of intracellular microelectrodes.

Since 1970, we have designed and fabricated thousands of special glass microelectrodes which are used world-wide in every scientific discipline.



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