OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Ph glass electrode reference electrode

 pH GLASS electrodes that require reference :
-Esophageal pH Microelectrodes
-Needle (non-combination) pH Microelectrodes
-Standard pH Microelectrodes
-Surface pH Microelectrodes
-Flow-thru pH Microelectrodes

















-The pH glass microelectrodes listed above are only half-cell electrodes and must be accompanied by a reference electrode to complete the circuit.
 -A reference electrode has a known electrode potential and a stability that is implemented as a half-cell to create an electrochemical cell with the one of the pH glass microelectrodes listed above. The combination of the reference electrode and a pH glass electrode allows the potential to be detected across the completed cell. This method can then be implemented in applications to measure the pH levels in different solutions.




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16-740 Flow-Thru Ammonia Electrode

Operating Instructions