O2-ADPT Oxygen Adapter

For use with any Microelectrodes,Inc. Oxygen Electrodes. Please specify connector needed for interconnecting cable to adapter when ordering. We will provide the patch cord between the adapter and your measuring device. Please specify when ordering.

This adapter allows an Oxygen Electrode to be directly connected to a voltage reading device (i.e. Strip Chart, A/D Board, DVM) without the need of an Oxygen Meter. You will need to calibrate manually or use a computer.



    SIZE28.5 mm x 22.4 mm x 58 mm    
    POWER REQUIREMENTS2 lithium CR2032 3V batteries    
    BATTERY LIFE2 years    
    WEIGHT70 grams    
    OUTPUT1mV/5 pA Input    
    CONNECTORSLEMO  00.250    
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