dO2  isoPodô  

This isoPod is suitable for continuous monitoring of oxygen concentration with a polorgraphic oxygen probeprobe. Connects directly to computer USB port, or via a USB hub, and appears as a virtual serial port (COM3, COM4, etc) and uses a serial protocol. Compatible with LabVIEW, HyperTerminal, etc. You can also use eDAQ Pod-Vu software to log and graph signals directly to a Windows XP or later computer.

Electrical isolation ensures that readings are not influenced by nearby current sources such as ion selective electrodes, or voltammetric electrodes.


 INPUT RANGES: 20 nA, 200nA, 2 uA and 20 uA  
 Polarization 0 to -1000 mV        
 Zero Offset+/- 20 uA  
 Typical RMS noise 1 pA @ 1/s or slower
  ConnectorsBNC input/mini USB   
  Output dataASCII or 32 bit binary IEEE floating Point
  Output speedup to 100/s
  com port settings115200 baud; 8 bits 1 stopbit, no parity
  power < 50 mA from USB 
  NOISE: < 0.1% full scale   
 DIMENSIONS: (L X W X H) 108 X 58 X 35 MM  
(4.25" X 2.28" X 1.38")  
  WEIGHT:200 G (7 OZ)