MI-600 Ca++ Ion Microelectrode  

This miniature electrode has many applications in general purpose analyses and in microchemical studies.  It requires the use of an external reference electrode such as the MI-409 Micro-Reference Electrode.  Also available in Flow-thru configuration, similar to 8-705, 16-705.  



       TOTAL LENGTH 14.6 cm    
       LEAD LENGTH 1  m    
       BODY (Outer Diameter)      3.2 mm    
       TIP (Outer Diameter) 2.5 mm    
       SENSITIVITY 10 to 10-6 M Ca++    
       TEMPERATURE RANGE 0C to 50 C    
       RESPONSE TIME 5 to 15 seconds    
       DEPTH of IMMERSION 1.0 mm    

Ca++ / Mg++ = 20000   
Ca++ / Na+ = 10000   
Ca++ / K+ = 10000   

   Directions for Calibration, Cleaning and Storage.