MI-508 Esophageal pH Microelectrodes

The MI-508 Flexible pH Electrode is a small, rugged glass electrode protruding from the end of a 3 meter long cable, having a maximum outside diameter of 1.8 mm; the MI-508 has an outside diameter of 1.6 mm.  Either electrode can be used with a standard laboratory type reference electrode or with a skin reference electrode for in-vivo studies.  They are designed for use with laboratory-type pH meters.  



       TOTAL LENGTH 3 m    
       BODY (Outer Diameter)  1.8 mm    
       Electrode (Outer Diameter) 1.2  mm    
       pH Range pH 0 to 14    
       RESPONSE TIME  5 to 15 seconds    
       DEPTH of IMMERSION  1.0 mm    
       NOISE LEVEL  max 0.03 pH  
       TEMPERATURE RANGE 15C to 50 C    
       ELECTRICAL RESISTANCE  1500 megohms at 25oC
       STERILIZATION chemical or gas  

 Directions for Calibration, Cleaning and Storage.