PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS   MI-4154 Micro-Combination Microelectrodes

MI-4154 Micro-Combination Microelectrode

Measures volumes as small as 0.5 microliters.
Each combination pH electrode includes a bottle of reference solution. 



       TOTAL LENGTH 12 cm    
       LEAD LENGTH 1  m    
       BODY (Outer Diameter) 6 mm    
       TIP (Outer Diameter) pH: 0.75 mm  
Ref + pH: 1.3 mm  
       RESPONSE TIME 5 to 15 seconds    
       DEPTH of IMMERSION 0.5 mm to 1.0 mm    
       SENSITIVITY pH 0 to 14    
       TEMPERATURE RANGE -5C to 100 C    
  Solution and Electrode
 3M KCI and Ag-AgCI    
   Directions for Calibration, Cleaning and Storage.