MI-405 Standard pH Microelectrode

This miniature electrode has many applications in general purpose analyses and in microchemical studies.  It requires the use of an external reference electrode such as the MI-409 Micro-Reference Electrode.  Also available in Flow-thru configuration, similar to 8-705, 16-705.



       TOTAL LENGTH 14.6 cm    
       LEAD LENGTH 1 m    
       BODY (Outer Diameter)  Stainless Steel     2 mm    
       TIP (Outer Diameter) glass 1.2 mm     
       SENSITIVITY pH 0 to 14    
       TEMPERATURE RANGE -5C to 100 C    
       RESPONSE TIME 5 to 15 seconds    
       DEPTH of IMMERSION 1.0 mm    
   Directions for Calibration, Cleaning and Storage.